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Olive Oil: Another Hidden Benefit

Olive Oil: Another Hidden Benefit

Leftover pasta? Stop the clumping:

If you’re like us, you probably make a little too much pasta for your meals from time to time (either intentionally or accidently, we tend to be the latter). Before we discovered this simple food hack – we would find our plain leftover pasta to be clumped together in what could be described as a giant pasta dough ball. It was difficult to portion out and lacked the original fresh pasta texture.

But then we discovered the secret to improved pasta preservation! A simple yet game-changing tip for your leftover pasta, and an often overlooked benefit to olive oil (we use extra virgin olive oil, aka EVOO): adding a light drizzle to your leftover pasta in the storage container and tossing well before placing in the refrigerator. By adding this golden touch, you not only infuse your pasta with a luscious flavor but also create a protective barrier that prevents that dreaded clumping. Say goodbye to sticky strands and hello to a reheated pasta experience that’s nearly as delightful as the first bite. Prevent waste and elevate your leftover experience with this quick and easy leftover hack – because every pasta deserves a second act!

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