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How to Cook a Better Steak 101

How to Cook a Better Steak 101

Achieving a More Consistent Finish

How do I cook a better steak? If you ever found yourself asking this question, welcome. We’re here to help. To most, it’s simply just a slab of beef. Seemingly easy to cook and master – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone who has worked with this meat more than a few times know the difficulties associated with cooking a perfect steak. We have all experienced the following (well at least we have):

  1. Overcooked
  2. Undercooked
  3. No sear or crust because the pan wasn’t hot enough
  4. Didn’t pull the steak out early enough before cooking
  5. Cut the steak before allowing it to rest long enough
  6. Overseasoned
  7. Underseasoned

And the list goes on. This post features our preferred cooking method for making a consistently better steak. We don’t promise perfection – but we do promise that following these steps will result in a much more consistent and better cook on your steaks.

Cooking Technique for a Consistently Better Steak:

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