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HelloFresh’s Italian Chicken & Pepper Sandos

HelloFresh’s Italian Chicken & Pepper Sandos

Italian Chicken & Pepper Sandos with Potato Wedges & Tangy Garlic Sauce

HelloFresh’s Italian Chicken & Pepper Sandos are featured as one of their Hall of Fame meal selections. So, did this meal live up to the hype?

Prep, Cooking and Cleanup

This was a straight-forward meal from start to finish. The only downside was the cleanup, as the meal required usage of two baking sheets.

four star rating

Ingredients & Sauces

On the surface, the ingredients and sauces in this meal are simple. However, they come together to provide a unique flavor profile for the meal, elevating it from a routine chicken sandwich into something special.

five star rating


The meal was perfectly balanced, and each component complimented the next. The toasted garlic baguette was the ideal bread for the seasoned chicken and veggies, and the tangy garlic sauce was a nice addition.

five star rating


HelloFresh’s Italian Chicken & Pepper Sandos are delicious, and there’s a reason it’s included in the Hall of Fame category. It was R&R’s first time trying it, but it won’t be our last ordering it. It is a simple meal with a ton of complimentary flavors. This is perfect for lunch or casual dinner.

five star rating

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Italian Chicken & Pepper Sando