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HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service Review

HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service Review

HelloFresh is a popular meal-kit delivery service that delivers user-selected meals on a weekly basis. The kits are pre-portioned with the ingredients required for the selected meals. The list of meal selections changes on a weekly basis. Included in every delivery is a recipe card, brown bags which contain the meal ingredients, and meats (if you selected a protein) with large freezer packs to keep everything cold.


HelloFresh is reasonably priced. It’s probably a bit more expensive than cooking your own food that you buy from grocery stores, but they do provide very generous introductory offers and discounts. In addition, the recipes and cooking skills you’ll learn add to the overall value of a subscription.

four star


The 40+ meal options offered by HelloFresh change each week. The meals offered fall into one of four categories (Meat & Veggies, Vegetarian and Plant-Based, Family-Friendly, and Fit & Wholesome). Subscribers are able to choose between two and four servings.

five star


Having been subscribers of HelloFresh for over a year, the vast majority of meals have been great. The seasonings and unique sauces are likely things you would not typically use or make at home – and they really do add to the overall experience of HelloFresh meals.

four and a half star


Between the large amount of new weekly selections, easy-to-follow recipes, quality ingredients, and well-portioned meals – HelloFresh is definitely worth giving a try. You’ll likely improve your cooking skills, and the recipe cards can be saved if you ever want to try and make any of the meals on your own.

four and a half star

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