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HelloFresh’s Pork Meatloaf Parm

HelloFresh’s Pork Meatloaf Parm

Pork Meatloaf Parm

HelloFresh’s Pork Meatloaf Parm is one of their meal selections that provides a unique twist on this otherwise classical Italian dish. So what did R&R think?

Prep, Cooking and Cleanup

Prep was easy – there were no ingredients that needed cut or peeled, which is a nice change from most meals. Between forming & baking the meatloaves and making the sauce, the cooking portion took up the vast majority of overall time.

three and a half star

Ingredients & Sauces

Who doesn’t love a good Italian recipe? The Tuscan Heat Spice is always one of our favorites, and it added just enough flavor to the pork meatloaf to allow it to compliment the (nearly) homemade marinara. The meatloaf was also topped with a mixture of panko, shredded mozzarella, and EVOO – which resulted in a perfectly browned and flavorful crust.

four and a half star
Making the sauce: reserved pasta water. tomato paste, veggie stock concentrate, marinara, Tuscan Heat Spice, and extra virgin olive oil


This was a unique twist on the more traditional chicken or veal parm. The marinara sauce was very good and had a more authentic taste compared to most store bought brands. The topping on the meatloaf definitely elevated it the taste and provided a much needed crunchy texture. However, we probably would have preferred the classic chicken or veal parm over the pork meatloaf. It still tasted great – but there’s a reason the traditional proteins for this meal make it one of the most popular Italian dishes!

four star


HelloFresh’s Pork Meatloaf Parm was a good meal that made two very big portions (as most of their Italian dishes do – they’re usually a great value). The spices and ingredients resulted in a very balanced flavor, and everything tasted fresh and authentic. We would definitely get this meal again – although we would swap out the protein for something more traditional (and if we ever see it come with these classic proteins – that meal will be added to our cart).

four star
Plated Pork Meatloaf Parm over Spaghetti Marinara

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